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Discussion on: How do you order your functions?

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Functional Javascript • Edited

I use arrow funcs exclusively, thus ordering by definition before invocation is runtime enforced. ;-)

Most of my modules have one func.
My utility modules have many funcs, but order doesn't matter since there is no dependencies between any of them; if anything they're arranged by general similarities.

But that's also trivial because I get to a func by hitting F12, or alt-F12 to get preview-popup. If I'm in the utility module, I use ctrl/cmd-shift-period to pull up the list of funcs. You can also type in that list to highlight the func you want, then hit enter to go to it.

So where a func is inside of a code file is the least of my concerns.
The more common concern is pondering, "Do want to pull this func out into its own module?"

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