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I always liked how the Star Trek universe had a history where humankind had a peaceful path forward. They solved scarcity, which solved war, and now can devote resources to peaceful exploration. It's a nice contrast to a lot of the more war-focused sci-fi alternate histories.


whats your favorite series/movie? I like the OG and next generation.


I used to be a huge fan of Star Wars, though not as much anymore. I'm not particularly fond of the new movies other than Solo, the best new canon is the kids shows, and most of what I really liked was stuff that Disney just decided didn't happen (For example, Darth Revan, or the Yuzzan Vong wars, or Kade Skywalker). I really did enjoy some of the older games as a kid though (I remember playing Episode I Racer and the original Battlefront 2 for hours on end all through middle school and high school).

As far as Star Trek, I love DS9 and Voyager, but have never been super fond of most of the other series. I do, however, enjoy irritating hard-core Star Trek fans though by pointing out that the Federation is functionally a socialist state if you're being generous, and communist if not.

When it comes to science fiction, I've pretty consistently found that most of the stories I like are in games (Borderlands and Mass Effect come to mind) or books (David Brin's Uplift trilogies being a prime example).


It is likely they'll bring back Darth Revan I think. The Last Jedi has a few easter eggs that hint at it!


Grew up with Star Wars. Seeing Episode I in theaters as a kid is probably one of my earliest childhood memories.

My parents had some of the Star Trek movies on VHS, but I remember being really freaked out by the one with the ear worm (I think?) so that really turned me off of the series.


Star Trek for me. Star Wars is great for the adventure but Star Trek brings us hope and something to shoot for.


There are movies and shows I liked and disliked in both franchises. Huge DS9-Fan. Not crazy about TOS. Loving Ep 1 & 4. Not liking Rouge One so much.


Star Wars, until solo died. Though Rogue One was kind of cool.


I get immersed in the star wars universe, never managed to with star trek.

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