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In Canada you can't call yourself an engineer without an engineering education and passing a union exam. So software engineering in Canada is rare it's architect or developer. An engineer is incharge of making systems that could affect someone's life and require ethics in Desicion making a software engineer would work on the site on hardware that keeps you alive like a heart rate monitor. A developer makes stuff that runs on computers or the internet


"...An engineer is incharge of making systems that could affect someone's life...

Like aircraft control systems, heart-beat (pace) makerts, and traffic control systems? All controlled via software. In Canada are these roles only filled by people w/ union exam certified people?


There is normally at least one on the team to provide the certification stamp.


In Canada, you also cannot call yourself an Architect without a license, which requires a test and ongoing certification.

There is no such legal restriction on Developer that I could find.


"...Architects are professionals. The public must be sure that people who call themselves Architects are qualified to practice in their field...." -

Love it! Now how to we apply that to software?


I'm agreed with the Canada way.
In my country (Brazil), a lot of developers has self-titled as an engineer.
But we have an engineering course that guys need a lot of time and study to get a certificate.

In my opinion, that's not fair with them.

So, I'm just a developer, even though I lead a team.
Being a developer, I can develop systems, software, people, myself, etc...

Just like the comment of Boris Jamot, I'm proud to be a developer. :)

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