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29 Flutter Interview Questions Mobile Devs Need To Know

Alex πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’»FullStack.Cafe on January 13, 2020

Flutter is booming in the mobile market as the next revolution. It has proven to hold the potential to win over every mobile technology and become ... [Read Full]
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Why do you mean when you say that they need to know the answers to those 29 Flutter interview questions?

If they know only 28 of 29, no company will hire them?
If they know only 16 of 29, no company will hire them?

Sure those 29 are useful things to do a better job as a Flutter developer,
and thank you for writing this down.

But is that really your opinion that 100% of mobile developers knew all of this the day they started?


Some are useful, some are not.

What if the interview asked this?

How do you differentiate between ListView.builder and ListView Widget?

clearly they look the same but it does have a different purpose. Memorizing these questions does not guarantee that you can get the job. It's good to know how the framework works and not making a top/basic questions of the framework/language.

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