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Francois Falala-Sechet

An open-source programming language for developing chatbots. I just love how easy it makes it to create powerful chatbots, connected to any API, maintaining state, and giving you full control over your creation. Also, <3 the community around it!

GitHub logo CSML-by-Clevy / csml-engine

🦜 Conversational Standard Meta Language


First programming language dedicated to building chatbots.

Rust GitHub release (latest by date) Docker Image Version (latest semver) Slack

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CSML (Conversational Standard Meta Language) is a Domain-Specific Language designed for easily creating conversational experiences.

The purpose of this language is to simplify the creation and maintenance of rich conversational interactions between humans and machines. With a very expressive and text-only syntax, CSML flows are easy to understand, making it easy to deploy and maintain conversational agents. CSML handles short and long-term memory slots, metadata injection, and connecting to any third party API or injecting arbitrary code in any programming language thanks to its powerful runtime APIs.

Key Features

  • Super easy syntax
  • Conversation-oriented components
  • Native bindings with functions written in other languages
  • Chatbot-specific keywords
  • Out-of-the-box short-term and long-term memory slots


  say "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm a demo bot 👋"
  if (name) {
    say "I already know you
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Bastien Botella

Love the simplicity