Discussion on: You Should Upgrade to Angular 9 TODAY

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Aaron Frost Author

Wow. That sucks! I feel for you. That must have been frustrating.

If you went to look at it together, we can.

If I were to try it again, I would remove all node_modules, then reinstall, and THEN attempt to do the upgrade. Not sure it will help. I just like to eliminate possible corrupt modules from the equation.

Let me know if you want another set of eyes.

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Fergal Moran

Hi Aaron

Yeah - I already tried removing node_modules and retrying, still the same.
I'm gonna take a break from it for now but will definitely take you up on your kind offer next time I try!


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Fergal Moran

RC8 is orders of magnitude better, still lots of weird errors and template cleaning up required but a calm and level headed error by error approach worked wonders (it kind of reminded me of my STL programming days where fixing one issue resolved 100 compile errors 😱 ). Definitely a really nice "feel" to this release, all the template issues I had to fix were down to poor coding on my behalf, the time spent fixing them really feels like time well spent! And now I have a running, tests passing angular-9-rc8 version of my app!!

Thanks again for your support and for writing the article that pushed me to get it done!