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you read articles about a lot of stuff and when you come across a good article about a specific subject, you mind automatically wanna learn more about it

Stop right there! Here's what I do at this moment:

  • Copy the reference and create a new item in my to-learn-list (I am using Wunderlist but you can use anything basically).
  • Decide whether this is important for my current goal. If I need to understand it in order to keep working on what I was trying to achieve, I dig deeper right away. Otherwise I leave it on the list and continue with something important.
  • Dedicate a fixed amount of time every week (usually it's the whole Friday for me) where I am not working. On these days I check the to-learn-list and pick the one topic that intrigues me most. If during that time I come up with another interesting topic to learn about, start again from point 1. In order to make sure that I really understood what I was working on, I like to blog about it here.

Hope that helps. I agree with the previous comments that it comes down to focus, time boxing, and figuring out whether you need to understand something right now or if later is enough.


OOoo I like your idea gonna execute it right away. Thank you

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