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re: If you have multiple instances of the service and multiple users hitting different instances of the service at the same time in different data cent...

Thanks for sharing! I think there is a misconception here. What I presented is not a solution. I was discussing ways of avoiding invalid state by choosing the right data model. It has nothing to do with distributed systems, multiple data centers, etc.

Sorry that you didn't find what you expected. Would you like to share some more information about event sourcing, version vectors, etc.? I am very interested :)

Despite the fact that my post did not present a solution, I disagree that there is a narrow band of applications where making invalid state impossible is appropriate. In fact I believe that choosing a data model where you cannot even represent invalid state is appropriate in every application out there. May it be distributed or not.

The narrow band for this solution is a single-threaded application. That's totally fine; I just thought I would point out that it applies to that set of applications. What I expected to get from the title has to do with my own interests. I misread. Case closed.

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