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#8: Shanise Barona

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I have Shanise Barona with me today and she’s a web developer right here in Philly! She talks about her adventures and struggles onn learning backend and frontend technologies, and what it’s like being the newest Elaconf Organizer.

  • We talk about Kendrick's new album
  • How confusing it is to drive around here in Philly
  • Her experience with Flatiron Bootcamp
  • What the online bootcamp lessons are like
  • Some bootcamps give false promises
  • It's not good to compare yourself to others sometimes
  • Learning all the things can be detrimental
  • How to not keep up with your blog
  • Neopets—where was I?!
  • How teachers can affect your career
  • My experience learning computer science
  • Oh, she talks about Elaconf!
  • Elaconf is the best!

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