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#7: Gabrielle Wee

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Today we’re talking to Gabrielle Wee on her adventures on web development and web design! I hope you enjoy this show! # What we talk about * The joys of Twitter! (And the weirdness of Google+) * How she learned to do web stuff on Xanga * We talk about interfaces in games * What her daily routine is like * How hard it is to SLEEP * People that she looks up to! * Tumblr theme making * Dealing with h8ters * Her experiences with freelancing # Links! * Her website: * How to Create Direction-Aware CSS-Only Hover Effects by Gabrielle Wee on CodePen: * Pokémon Sun: * “It’s not a complete BART ride until some crazy dude screaming obscenities falls on top of you”: * Game Developers Conference: * Quadrilateral Cowboy: * #dailyui:

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