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#6: Una Kravets

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Today's guest is Una Kravets! She's an amazing front-end developer, designer, and all around awesome person. We're here to talk to her about her day-to-day life, her habits, and other musings. Hope you enjoy this show! # What we talk about: * All about Toolsday! * Meeting her co-host Chris * On starting Toolsday * Audition for recording / libsyn / Skype / Google Hangouts * Basically everyone's been winging it * Writing things down and taking notes. Physical stimuli! * Creatives and devs should collaborate more! * Webpack 2 * Speed test all the Airbnbs! * Standup at Digital Ocean * How Una got into tech (The Palace Chat, Neopets, Sims, MySpace) * Illegally downloading Photoshop * Actionscript and its deadness * How awesome Wes Bos is * Vue.js * How Una learns stuff * Relax! Find some chill time. * Your side projects should make you happy! # Links! * Una's Blog: * Una's Twitter: * Gulp Boilerplate: * SVG Boilerplate: * Una's Personal Goals: * Toolsday: * Una Does Type: * Instagram: * Sean Larkin annotating Webpack:

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