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#4: Rachel Smith

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Hey, everyone! Today we'll be talking to Rachel Smith! She's a JavaScript and Ruby developer at Codepen, and she has a lot to share in this show! I hope you'll learn something from her today, and I hope you enjoy this episode! * Day to day life with Rachel * Experiences with working in an agency * Working in the morning * Young Pope + Twin Peaks reviews * Rachel's experiences in college * Getting a business degree and web design degree * Working on advertisements * Just in time learning * Creepy dudes go away! * Sucking at hardware * Calligraphy * Being unemployable * On the job learning! * Andre the Giant * Why I started this podcast * Sleeping and waking up habits * Yoga routine Links! * https://rachsmith.com/ * https://www.codyapp.com/ * https://twitter.com/rachsmithtweets * https://blog.codepen.io/2016/02/02/075-rachel/ * http://shoptalkshow.com/episodes/142-rachel-smith/ --- Music from licensing.jamendo.com/en/track/29866…ambient-m-2003 © Rachel Smith and Jag Talon

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