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#2: Joni Trythall

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Joni Trythall (or Joni Bologna) is a really cool human being who takes ideas from napkin doodles allll the way to implementation. She’s also a kickass teacher. We talk about: * Getting into tech * Learning by tinkering * Messing around with technology * Figuring things out more organically * Rage is a great motivator * Learning & teaching at the same time * Don’t apologize for your accomplishments! * Anxiety and talking in front of people. * How to be comfortable in front of people. * It's hard to start a conference. * Things are attainable! Links! * Joni's Blog: * Joni's Work: * Elaconf: * Joni on Codepen: * Bologna and Ben: * A Picky Pig: * Flexbox Fridays: * Flexbox Cheatsheet: --- Music from © Joni Trythall and Jag Talon

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