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#10: Val Head

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Val Head is pretty much all about animations. She’s written a book about animations, she talks about animations in workshops and conferences, she makes videos about animations, she has a newsletter about animations, and yes, she’s on podcasts talking about animations.

You will learn a shit ton from this show. So listen carefully, and make sure you check out the show notes in the description!

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What we talk about:

  • Living in Philly and Pittsburgh
  • Why she’s usually leaving her house
  • Why her car smelled so good when she drove back from Philly
  • What she teaches teams about animation
  • How she learns all things web
  • What her routine is like
  • What she did before she did animations
  • Moving from Flash to Web Animations
  • Thinking about context and your audience
  • Why it’s the designer’s job to play with animations
  • Canvas is fun and powerful


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