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Discussion on: Where to Find Remote Developer Jobs 🏝️

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Hey Kyle,
Thanks for the great list and write-up.
Here's another suggestion:

To go with your format, here are some pros and cons:


  1. It's free for candidates and covers a wide variety of positions worldwide
  2. Also has remote contract/freelance as well as internship positions
  3. Provides simple job email alert and "jobmarks" features
  4. Direct links to hiring companies, so it's free of any stuff that's unnecessary during a job search (middlemen, forced sign-ups, ads, trackers, fluff, etc.)


  1. It's a relatively new site, so not too many jobs right now but growing
  2. As above, a diverse range of jobs (also non-tech), not all of them are dev positions
  3. No real profile-feature, but maybe that's something for the future

Hope that helps ;)