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Hello All,

I am Edward Muller, I'm generally @freeformz everywhere on the internet.

I've worked in pretty much every area of tech: from a PC tech, to a LAN tech (think Novell's Netware or Windows NT over 10 and 100BaseT), to a network engineer, to data cabler (Which I'm terrible at), to a software developer (everything from shareware distributed on 3.5" floppies to open source software), to a software engineer, to a business owner, to a startup employee, to working for large corporations.

Given ~30 years of amateur and professional experience, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. But I got into it because I had itches to scratch and that is what largely keeps me in tech. It's a rather "easy" way to make a living and provide for a family.

When I'm not doing "tech", I can be found playing Overwatch, cooking, helping out with Go Bridge, hanging out with my family, reading a book, riding a motorcycle, or watching a movie/tv.

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