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What Russia's invasion mean for developers

I agree, Russia's invasion isn't the most ideal event in the century. However, this event is especially causing damage at the tech industry. Here's how.

The Splinternet

The splinternet is a theory of the internet being divided, according to the splinternet theory, each country would have it's own internet, breaking the whole point of the internet.

With Russia's invasion, Putin would likely cut Russia off the global internet, because Putin want's to keep the invasion a secret.

After that, Putin would likely create it's own internet that is 7/21 monitored by his officers. That really isn't something we want for Russia.


5% of my personal customers are from Russia. With Russia's invasion, the number has lowered to less than 1 percent. I am not sure how it got to this, but I am sure this isn't a coincidence.

5% is a lot for a company, so this war isn't great for big companies that have customers from Russia.


Customers or even the internet is not important compared to the greater cost the war has brought us. The deaths of thousands of people, both Ukrainians and Russians.

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