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Discussion on: The Simple Guide to Programming Paradigms

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Fredrik Bonde

It's not entirely unpredictable at all. They will unwind the stack and only that, you can stop them from doing so and handle it by having a try/catch in it's path or let the program handle it (with a crash).
While not perfect they are still a decent enough way of handling errors. Yes other languages might not have them but that does not mean exception are without merit.
Frankly both go and rust reminds me of the old days in C when you just returned any error from any funciotn and had to check it with an if statement after. Sure with some updates like returning multiple results, tuples whatnot. Some might prefer that, others not. But frankly I hardly see these tings as a deal breaker of a language, more like one of it's quirks. You just learn to live with it when coding in that language.