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Discussion on: Best Alternatives for Selenium WebDriver

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Frédéric Bonnet

I suggest you take a look at CodeceptJS, it has a very well designed architecture that works with WebDriver, Puppeteer, Playwright and other web/mobile automation engines.

SmashTest also has cross-browser support with parallel testing.

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Liviu Lupei Author

Hi Frédéric,

I did mention CodeceptJS in this article, but it's not an alternative to Selenium, because it's actually just a wrapper over Selenium.

I'm talking about core technologies, not wrappers.

Smashtest also seems to be a wrapper around Selenium.

Let me explain this with an example not related to automated testing:

WebRTC is the open source technology used by most video conferencing tools nowadays (Zoom, BlueJeans, etc).

If I would talk about alternatives for WebRTC, I would not include Google Meet, because it's just another software that uses WebRTC.

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