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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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Nitin Bansal

I lost it when I started to see blog posts telling me to devote 5+ hours setting up my editor, theme, font, this-rc file, that-rc file, this-config, that-config, and 10's of other files and configs just so that I can build one fuck*** single page react app. And this shit is only getting worse. Just look at those repos on github. All they do is add 2 numbers and need 100 files to build. F*** this bloated ecosystem.

Oh, the main point, yes, the ecosystem is filled with broken, incomplete packages. I once tried building a video streaming app in react-native. Took me over 100 chrome tabs of tech browsing, and numerous failed, frustrating attempts, just to get one simple video get played correctly. Tried over 5 different libraries. Followed their tutorials down to the last words. That shit just don't work correctly. Then switched to native on Android using java. Worked in less than 20 min. fml! Not to mention, javascript's performance sucks, and also, it's single threaded.