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Discussion on: Build feature flags in React using the Context API: how to

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François Best

Here's how I do it in TypeScript, using flags in the environment:

import React from 'react'

export interface FeatureProps {
  name: string

const Feature: React.FC<FeatureProps> = ({ name, children }) => {
  const enabled = useFeature(name)
  if (!enabled) {
    return null
  return <>children</>

export default Feature

// --

export function useFeature(name: string) {
  const enabled = React.useMemo(() => {
    return process.env[`ENABLE_FEATURE_${name.toUpperCase()}`] === 'true'
  }, [name])
  return enabled


<Feature name="foo">
  <Foo />

// .env
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Riccardo Coppola Author

Nice one, I'm just not a fan of env vars for feature flags but if they work for you, they simplify the code!