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Web Component - Progress

The Web Component

The Web Component that my group has been assigned to work on is a CTA (Call To Action) button, essentially found on every well-designed website on the internet that allows the user to interact navigate to another page. They may contain functions such as hover, displaying that the clicker is on the button - prompting a response in appearance in the button, as well as other characteristics that provide visual feedback to the user.


As I have not worked directly on the technical aspects of web design before this class, getting to learn about all of the different components that go into a CTA button has been a very informative experience. Some concepts that have proved to be difficult during the completion of the project were in positioning the button on the page, linking the button to the external website, implementing an icon, and resolving merge conflicts on GitHub.

Working in an open-source environment has been extremely beneficial in getting inspiration from peers, and for resolving issues with code on a timely basis. Overall, working on a web component for the first time has allowed me to learn a lot about the way websites function, and about the complexity that goes into creating simplicity on an interface.

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