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Frank Palmeri
Frank Palmeri

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IST 402 - Introduction


My name is Frank Palmeri and I am from Long Island, New York. Over the past three years as an Information Sciences and Technology major at Penn State, I have completed courses covering a wide variety of topics such as application development, human centered design, database configuration, enterprise systems integration, and many others that have provided me with an insight on the various ways in which humans interact with technology. Through working on a diverse set of projects, I have been able to learn multiple programming languages such as Python, Java, and SQL that I am able to use on future projects. Over the summer, my internship with Penn State provided me with the opportunity to collaborate on projects pertaining to information security, data migration, and project management that will have allowed me to further expand upon my skillset in the technology space.

Why web development?

As online exposure quickly becomes a metric in which a businesses success can be measured, it goes without saying that web development is a commodity that increases in demand by the day. As I have learned many skills throughout my academic career that have become a prevalent part of business transactions and operations, learning JavaScript will provide me with the ability to create functional tools and websites that will allow me to add to my portfolio of work and expand upon my knowledge of the industry. I look forward to learning new skills throughout the semester and completing some new projects in this class.

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