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Frank Palmeri

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Cards as Web Components

The Project

Our group will work to build a web component version of a card. Each card will contain multiple elements: a header, banner, icon, and body, which will be grouped according to topic and displayed accordingly.


In completing this project, our group is aware that we must be able to combine and display each element found on the card while taking into account considerations such as adaptive page sizing, scrolling, customization, and correctly grouping the elements on the card.

Having completed the CTA button from the last project, we are confident that the implementation of action events and state changes will be a strength going into this project, but we are fully prepared to take the necessary steps to familiarize ourselves with concepts that we have not yet worked with - such as accessibility, security, content flexibility and named slots.

We are exited to begin our work on this project, and look forward to learning more about web components.

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