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re: Why it's time to use Vue.js? VIEW POST


You should really look into if you like vue that is vue on steroids.


This kinda looks like uglified Svelte to me. Why use this over something more established / standardized?


Vue is istegrated from scratch with Laravel, as one of the best frameworks to develop any kind of web app. So if you use Laravel for your backend, Vue is your option for the front end

Yea. I don't know why they choose to pair with Laravel. I guess it's the same reason everyone else picked it.

I think is more like Laravel choose to include Vue instead, as the easiest solution to develop a dinamic frontend in a Laravel based app


You meant "Vue is integrated from scratch into Laravel". It was not made for Laravel and they are entirely separated projects. This misinformation that Vue comes from somewhere laravel was created makes a lot of newcomers to keep away from vue.


Vue has a bigger community than Svelte.

I agree that they are pretty similar though. Once Svelte have some good libraries made for it then I think we can use it

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