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Discussion on: Daily Standup Meetings are useless

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Francisc • Edited on

I couldn't agree more [edited because I wrote disagree at first, creating confusion]

I find it to be a tool for micromanagement, that it is wrapped in a nice story. In a user story.

I do not say that there's no need for update or for some sort of communication, I do not say that the initial intentions were different, but what I've found are the following:

  1. Most of the time, it's a tool for shaming people. Directly or indirectly.
  2. Sometimes people work on tasks that fill in 3,4 days or more. They maybe have nothing to say. Having nothing to say sometimes give non-technical persons the impression that no progress is made. If you answer to a question or say "Yes I made progress", other questions arise "but what progress have you made" and people tend to change the subject in a way or another that the discussion derives to details that the developer has, the PM has, but they keep repeating them.
  3. Not useful to every member of the team. Sometimes, MOST of the times, 15 minutes is a distant dream. Teams are bigger. 15 minutes are not enough and some people just hang on and get their routine ruined.
  4. If you do not participate, if it is clear that you have nothing to say and no one has anything related to what you do, you might look rude, even if you use those "15 minutes" to start working on what you are supposed to work.

I've tested a model at some point, when the meeting was done, only if at least 3 persons had anything to say. If 2 persons had anything to say related to what they work on, they evaluated it clearly and just emailed, sent an IM or speak directly to who's involved. It fqing worked like a charm. Until. Until the CEO decided to be transparent and come out of the closed and say that it is a method for him to get informed and see who is working and who's not. When asked how do you figure out who is working and who's not, he did not ever made it clear. So, it was very clear that was the clear purpose of the meeting.

Again, I'm not saying it is not needed to be done. It's clear that it should be adapted to ones needs, but I just wanted to throw in my hate.

Thank you!

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Davide de Paolis Author

Hi, thanks for your comment!
Honestly though, I don't quite get what/who you are disagreeing with.. πŸ˜…

I think everyone can relate with the points you shared, but as the example standup I shared at the beginning of the post, they are the result of poor communication and meeting management and deeper misunderstanding of the purpose of the meeting, rather than a flaw of the tool - the standup meeting - itself.

I - as tech lead - would perfectly fine with the approach you mention, i also mentioned i could just rely on Jira Board status.

Still team is not made only of tech people and blockers and idea of moving forward must surface in other forms too.

It's always a matter of balance. and iteratively reflect on the tools we use, how we use them and why.

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It was ment to be agree, but I have read disagree a few times on the page and the word got stuck to my fingers :)) I edited it.

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Davide de Paolis Author

alright! πŸ˜…