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Just my opinion / observation. WebStorm is way more advanced and reliable than VS Code ever can be and if you are willing to pay money for a web oriented IDE go for WebStorm.

The reason is that VS Code is just a better text editor and basic features like automatic import or path resolution fro javascript (not typescript) are not included and have to be post installed with plugins written from the community. That results in a lot of bad or very bad plugins slowing down the VS code IDE. Just for ES6 imports you can find at least 4 Plugins forked from the same project but instead of making pull requests to contribute back they publish their version. BTW none of them can handle paths absolute from source path!!!
I like the design and some concepts of VS Code but it seem to me it's not designed to code anything not from Microsoft. Typescript => Yeah, great support. JavaScript => Basics.

WebStorm on the other hand is not cheap compared to free. Still it works very reliable, has a gread and fast full text search and supports everything from Flow, ES6,7,8,....10010, NodeJs etc. Frameworks like React and Vue are supported out of the box. For others again the famous community plugins drop in.

I hope my opinion helps with tour decision :)


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