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Unlike many others here I'm not bothered by my family, friends and my girlfriend asking me to help out on technical tasks. I'm happy to help and support them how ever I can. Well sometimes my girlfriend fuck me up when she's overwhelmed and crying for help without even trying it.

I'm bothered that my family and friends really have no clue of what I'm doing and therefore I've noone I can talk to about my hobby and work. Everytime I've got asked how my work was I can say "I found a nice solution" (to what?!) or "I had a lot of meetings" (about what?!, and btw why?!) and in general "the day was ok". I've tried to explain some things but it seem to be to detailed for most of the people^
I really would like to have someone in my close friend circle whose I can talk to, when I hacked a shitty wordpress website just to tell the owner that he should do it better or when I built a new fancy tool or page.

I think that bothers me the most.
Thx for reading :D

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