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Hey! My name is Frasho, aka FRADAR! I am an amateur Game Developer and Web Designer. My hobbies are reading, writing and coding. I have made many games and websites.
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This is the first .io game I have ever made. But there is a problem, as you are playing with bots and A.Is and not real people/multiplayer. It took me a lot of time to create and make this, as I am not familiar with .io games like this. Tell me if you have any suggestions in the comments!

ABOUT THE GAME: The game is not multiplayer, you are just playing with random named A.I bots. The game is like, but much more low graphic.Ok so, the rules of the game are that you are supposed to collect mass that is all around the game world and when you are bigger then another circle that is moving, you can take him in your colour of the team, and your team will keep trying to dominate others to win. The other circles in your team are called comrades. Got that? Great. Me neither.

(Updates on the game are in the editor view in the Javascript window)

Try it here:

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Thanks for all the support!