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re: I guess it's more about convention rather than a rule. Different projects have different convention about project structure.

Maybe "rule" is not a good term. I should have better written "principle". What I actually meant is that whenever you try to structure anything, not only software projects, it is important to keep cohesion strong while keeing coupling weak. Otherwise you will likely end up with an unmaintainable mess. This is a very basic principle and not just a convention.

In that case, DHH (author of RoR) would swear at you that: Look at basic RoR project structure ! It uses Convention over Configuration and it worked well for us over 10 years.

What works in practice is what's right. Not theory.

What works in practice is what's right.

Agreed. And that's where theories and principles come from. If they no longer match reality, we need to modify or at least extend them. It's called the scientific method.

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