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Focus is a tough one for most developers, I believe. I am struggling with it all the time, no matter if I am working in the open space office at my workplace or at home.

As a developer, you need to have two character traits:

  1. The ability to focus

  2. Curiosity and the urge to learn new things.

It is obvious that the two are somewhat working in opposite directions. Therefore it is hard to find a good balance. But that's just the way it is. It is probably best to view it as a challenge.


"the two are somewhat working in opposite directions." - yes I agree to that , this happens with me all the time . curiosity leaves me switching from one topic to another. I think a balance between working on one thing at a time and the urge to try new things should be there to be productive .

"It is probably best to view it as a challenge." - yes I think that is the right way to think about it . If we take it as a challenge we can improve on it over time

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