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Discussion on: Setting Up Pelican Static Site Generator

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Frank Corso Author • Edited on

I'm glad it helped!

Since make isn't something that is available on most Windows environments, like the one I use 😉, I was showing the command pelican --listen which will work across all platforms instead of make serve and would use pelican content instead of make html or make publish as shown in the top section of the "Publish your site" docs:

However, I agree that I should probably add some information about the Makefile and explain how to use it. I'll update the article this week when I have a moment.

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Brittney Braxton

Excellent point, and I'm sorry for assuming Make was available ubiquitously. How did you deploy your Pelican app? I was struggling with getting it launched on Netlify, and the makefile really helped.

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Frank Corso Author

What I did with my site was use Netlify's GitHub integration to automatically build any time I push to my repo. Then, under the "Build & deploy" settings for the site, I use the pelican content build command and point the publish directory to output.

There are several steps to setting up Netlify, so I might write a follow-up post on this at some point but setting the build command and publish directory is the main part of getting it to work.