Discussion on: How do you respond to recruiters?

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Really depends on the situation. If it looks like they just sent a generic copy/paste to everyone listed as a developer in my area on LinkedIn, I usually just ignore. If it looks like they put some effort into reading my profile/portfolio and explain why they think me specifically would be a good match, I'll also put in an effort and answer.

Actually got my current job through a recruiter, who did write a personal message, and who had worked with one of my friends before and had been recommended by her to contact me for the job - both those things made a big difference.

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Vinay Hegde

Very aptly said, the 1st part is something even I use as a rule of thumb when dealing with recruiters. Most of them usually do keyword searches & send out the same generic InMail to all (like firing in the dark, hoping it hits atleast 1 target). Bit hypocritic & ironic considering recruiters want "tailor-made" resumes/cover letters from candidates.

This contains samples I've found useful for the scenarios detailed here, do have a look.