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Hacktoberfest repositories for all skill levels!

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Hacktoberfest shirts of 2017, 2018 and 2019

Hacktoberfest repositories for all skill levels!

This year, fossbarrow IO is putting some public repositories in the game of hacktoberfest!

We've decided to showcase a few repos whereas some is for the first-timers who wants something easy to start with, and some which is for the more experienced developer.


The ultimate SEO Checklist made by people all around the globe

Contribute to the ultimate SEO checklist! Make a pull request that's adding, or editing existing, SEO pointers. Together we will create the ultimate SEO checklist!

Link: https://github.com/fossbarrow/ultimate-seo-checklist


Laravel phpcs code standard

Help not only us, but every Laravel developer, to define and create the best phpcs ruleset for the Laravel coding standard!

Link: https://github.com/fossbarrow/laravel-phpcs


[npm package] - Validator for Swedish SSN's

Ever wished you knew more about npm plugins and want to contribute to its package? Then this is your moment!

Contribute an improvement of validation, a better README.md for the project, or maybe an extension so that it's not only swedish ssn's that the plugins is for?

Endless opportunities!
Link: https://github.com/fossbarrow/swedish-ssn-validator


TailwindCSS Multiline truncate plugin

TailwindCSS is dope. Plugins even so.
Want to contribute to a plugin? Then it's time to shine!

Link: https://github.com/fossbarrow/tailwindcss-multiline-truncate

My Hacktoberfest Experience

This is my fourth year of hacktober.

My first year was 2017 where I found the yearly ceremony throughout my university teacher who, just like me, is a passionated developer.

What's different this year compared to the rest, is that this time I'm supporting more as a maintainer rather than a contributor. I hope to provide some interesting and various skill based repositories to the event for people of all kinds to enyoy contributing to!

fossbarrow IO is not a company per se, but a group of individuals from all around the globe who comes together for some collab programming projects. As of yet we have nothing to show, though some real interesting stuff is coming live within the near time.

I hope to see you at our Github page! Who knows, maybe you are the next team member?


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Additionally, my own package that's used to wrap an terminal inside any website is needing some help!