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What are the pain points in bug triage?

John Forstmeier
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Looking at various public projects hosted on GitHub, both large and small, I've been curious as to how they approach triaging bugs ("Issues" in GitHub terminology) and specifically, what sorts of problems arise in the process.

Some possible examples of pain points that I can think of:

  • are there issues assessing the severity of a bug?
  • do they struggle to estimate the time needed to handle them?
  • are the right developers triaging the issue?
  • is a given issue following the required formatting guidelines?

This process likely varies from team to team but I'm interested in what each has found to be particularly challenging.

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gdcohen profile image

The biggest pain point we hear from people is having to triage the same issue multiple times. For example, if the latest automated test run had 100 failures, someone still needs to triage each one, and yet, often many, or all, are caused by the same issue. We are working on a platform to auto-triage bugs ( - it's still in pre-beta.

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