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Discussions for Go 2

forstmeier profile image John Forstmeier ・1 min read

The draft design discussions for Go 2 popped up in my feed recently and I felt that it would be worth re-posting to this community; I'm definitely going to provide some feedback and I'd encourage other Gophers to do the same!

P.S. Subscribe to Golang Weekly because it's awesome and always makes my Thursday when it hits my inbox. They also have a Twitter account you can follow.

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Dean Bassett

I made a blog post about the new Error Handling construct! I might work on the new Error Values tomorrow, and hopefully Generics within the next week.

I really like all three drafts, although I think the parentheses notation for generics is a bit hurtful for the eyes. Hoping that gets a different syntax

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John Forstmeier Author

Just added it to my reading list!

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John Forstmeier Author • Edited

Just as a quick follow-up, here is my submission for suggestions on the error handling. I'd love to drop submissions for all three and if I do, I'll follow up with a post with summaries of all three.

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Ravern Koh

I really like the new handle and check, but I really can't see how the new contract based generics fits in with the idea of being a simple/stupid language.

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Hey tux0r, what is it that you mean with this comment? You link a random blog post with a single link to a post related to Go, mention actual failings of a programming language, without any context.

Wouldn't be more constructive to actually explain what you mean?


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