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I liked the piece that Steve Layton did recapping the prior year, particularly the pieces on planning on posting regularly to

Personally, I'm a huge fan of having a schedule and being able to get into a rhythm; setting up a more rigorous, focused pattern to deliver content to would be really enjoyable.

I'd like to focus on producing:

  1. Small, compact articles
  2. Two factual pieces[1] for each op-ed[2]
  3. On a tri-weekly basis

To that end, I'll focus on building a schedule to brainstorm, outline, write, and publish and possibly generating a template that I can generally work from while writing. I'm not much one for setting resolutions, but I like actionable sets of goals.

I might do some "meta" articles regarding progress on this project - should be fun!

[1] I've always loved the smaller blog pieces that I continually rediscover that show some clear/clean way of solving a problem I'm encountering and I'd like to create some of my own - the "how I did this" pieces that I hope to emulate
[2] Purely opinion or observational pieces - more about the process surrounding software development and general thoughts

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John Forstmeier Author

Just for a quick followup, as an initial bit of structure around hitting this goal I've added these three recurring tasks to my Todoist app:


And the Todoist "syntax" for defining that repetition I used was (for the first task as an example): every three weeks starting on Friday until December 31 which turns into a repeated cadence.

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