How do you find companies that are a "culture fit"?

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Now I'm a newbie, but I'm starting my job hunt soon. I've been scouring sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, but I feel like a different approach might be better. I want to make my applications personal and well researched, as opposed to applying spray 'n' pray. Do you have any tips/advice?

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Check out KeyValues, and the associate blog. @lynnetye has done a great job assembling resources and tips along this line of thought. Good luck!


That was going to be my suggestion. KeyValues is a great place to find companies where you will fit in.


I would recommend finding an organization that you are interested in and then reaching out to somebody in the position of interest to see how they feel about the environment. If you're looking into a company that consists of business and tech roles, there can be a significant difference in culture, work-life-balance, etc. between the two. If you find somewhere you're interested in, LinkedIn can be your best friend in trying to research those who are currently employed there and those who may be interviewing you in the future.

One thing to pay attention to on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed are timelines. A company may have a 4-star rating, but make sure there hasn't been a negative change at the executive level or in upper management. I've seen companies like this that have good reviews overall, but those over the past year or so were much worse based on changes in these roles.

Using your research and tailoring your resume to the employer is a great step to getting an interview. If you're into personal projects, try to make yourself stand out and provide examples of relevant projects that you have completed. This will show initiative and, at least, a base understanding of the technologies that may be used on a day-to-day basis.

Good luck in your search!

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