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Expand the capabilities of the RPi with the help of a Fork

forktestlab profile image forktestlab ・1 min read

The RaspberryPi is really cool. This is a cool single-Board miniature computer. With access to the Internet.

And the main function of a computer is to calculate, process data, and generate reports, and the Raspberry Pi does a great job with this. However, if you need to control the drive or measure the voltage, then RaspberryPi does not have such functions. And we are starting to attach additional boards to RaspberryPi. Just to expand the capabilities, you need a Fork and it is VERY easy to connect it to RaspberryPi via the HTTP and TCP/IP Socket based API.

If you explain it simply: RaspberryPi - head, Fork - arms/legs, torso.

We say: expand the capabilities of the RPi with the help of a Fork, because Fork is not a competitor to RaspberryPi, but a companion.
Our Fork is:

A set of different inputs/outputs
All inputs/outputs are equipped with the necessary protection for reliability
Output are even ready for direct relay controlInputs are goods for automative grade
Ethernet and Wi-Fi on board
HTTP and TCP/IP Socket based API
Works at low and high temperatures
Industrial grade EMI
Standart USB Power Supply

And what you can do with this symbiosis is limited only by your imagination!

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