Discussion on: How do you respond to recruiters?

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Forest Hoffman

The overwhelming majority of emails and LinkedIn notifications I get from recruiters are copy-pasted templates for work that I'm not even remotely interested in. Of the ones that are actually for Software Engineering positions, the skillset they're hunting for isn't even close to mine. E.g. "with your skills in JavaScript, you'll be perfect for this Java position!" ._. I only wrote Java when I was learning to program and then when I was a College CompSci Tutor.

Then there are the ones that are actually up my alley, Software Engineering positions with either a focus on Full Stack work or primarily Backend work. I'll glance at a position if it involves using the stacks I like (Golang! ❤️😃). Most of those usually require relocation, or there are glaring spelling/grammatical errors with the templates, etc.

If the position doesn't land into any of those pitfalls, I'll request more information before setting up any calls. If they can't answer my questions, I politely decline.

It's all a business transaction, so when a recruiter respects my time by showing me that they've actually read my profiles and visited my website (I blatantly state what I'm looking for above the fold), and can provide me with info upfront, I respond in kind.

I am very pleased to say that I have worked with one tech recruiter in particular, whom was absolutely fantastic at his job and helped land me my current contract with Home Depot! After my first 6 months, he became the Account Manager for another client at the recruiting company, so kudos to him!

So, good recruiters do exist. They just happen to be a needle in a haystack of really bad ones.