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Ron Barry
Ron Barry

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Can you draw lines on the terminal?

An application I've been working on would be made sooooo much better, with a lot less code, if it were possible to draw a line on the screen. I'd imagine the drawing grid to coincide with the characters in the terminal, so <1, 1> would be the top-left pixel of the top-left character, and <5.5, 5.5> would be in the middle of the fifth character across, fifth character down.

I've struck out with Google, which I usually take to be a "no", but this would make so many things I do so much easier that I'm amazed I've never thought of it before. I realize that much of what terminals do is derived from the vt100 days, but iTerm does a LOT that would never have been considered back then, so fingers crossed...

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Ron Barry Author

Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the horizontal and vertical lines that you get with the box drawing glyphs. I mean actual Bresenham lines from any (float) position in the terminal to any other. Definitely a feature I'd sell my own grandmother for. =]

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