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Discussion on: Stop using frameworks and libraries

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Fraser McTaggart

I write in binary. Assembly was made by BIG-COMPUTING and is harvesting your data to sell on the black market. Don't fall for their modern tricks

Quite an impressive shitpost! Had a good laugh, thanks :)

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Matthieu Cneude • Edited on

You're writing in binary, hey? I manually put my electrons through NAND gates. You're an impostor using a very slow implementation and you shouldn't call yourself an engineer!

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Alexander B.K.

Switching theory is still interesting : designing logic combinatorial or sequential circuits using OR, AND, NAND, inverter. I remember solving exam problems on logic circuits using Karnaugh map and/or Quine McKluskey. But it was only a logic design without touching real microelectronics components.
I find a satisfying thing when I could understand how a latch, flip-flops, counter, register were constructed using FET transistors/ICs.
Now I can only have time/chance to develop web apps. But surely electrical-electronics is still interesting. Even Physics, Maths and some Mechanical Eng subjects are still interesting.

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Matthieu Cneude

Well, in my opinion too many things are interesting :D I need 10 lives at least. But you're right, I would love to go deeper in these subjects one day.