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My life as a developer

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[Disclamer]: Sorry for my imperfect language, I'm not fluent in the language of Shakespeare.

[Instructions]: The maturation of the web now. When the web was created there was an influx in all the senses of the most particular and little by little a standardization of them. Now we find ourselves with sites with shades from black to white.

My vision

I've been working as a web developer for about ten years now, I've travelled through different languages, I've adopted the idea of becoming a firefighter on some projects, mostly due to a lack of project management, but also because of the kind of just-in-time flow that's becoming more and more restricted. I arrived at work, said hello to my comrades and put on my helmet to debug code, try to understand the ill-health of an entrepreneur who thinks he has the idea of the century and become a Zuckerberg.

In short, the tone was set, if you want to be considered a good and competitive developer, you have to deliver a maximum output that will make you work late at night, late on weekends, practically every second that passes to aggregate is to understand the quantity of new practices, new techno, why use that instead of this one, being in the Hype is what will make you the person we'll take because you'll have sacrificed part of your life to hope for recognition.

The years have gone by, everything you did a website from scratch is gone, patterns, libraries, and other projects taken for granted on personal time have allowed the industrialization of the global internet and the making of people/companies that weren't visible enough in the physical world, pushed them to become web giants.

Alternatives with no tomorrow:

The giants became even bigger. Some scholars have gotten it into their heads that they want to counter these giants with some noble spirit, at least that's their sales argument "we do like them, except we are nice" (lol) . Most of them end up picking up the snags, because they will do whatever they want but they won't have the same strike force (maybe to win you have to be a rotten guy?). In short x new start-ups (yeah because it's classy) and a large percentage of them close down a few years later...

The fear of difference

remember the explosion of the internet bubble, creativity (to be questioned in some cases), web 2.0, gloss in all senses, 3D effects dating back to Windows 3.1, in short the real idea of responsive design was not in the heads we all came close to the same resolution and the smartphone was still on paper. the years passed and then saw the birth of bootstraps that have completely changed the landscape of the web, standardization, colors, shape etc. ... Since then we use more than that (I'm not saying it's a bad thing), in short the creative web had become minitel and the only watchword is "what's my place on Google!?!". By the way Google, the influence of the new world order ? (Kappa),

  • "Where's my site on Google? Ah ! It's third okay, get the best ones, I want to be first !"

The best ones are probably saying:

  • "Okay he's first, we'll do everything like them !!!"
  • "Okay guys, we're gonna redesign the website, we're gonna google the first ones."

This is potentially how large-scale copying became commonplace, where the superfluous that was still a feature of the site disappeared; white or shaded page, black text, popin, form. Taking risks is no longer an option, too much money at stake, the giants influence, the smallest copy trying to catch up with them. The ideas are numerous, money is missing, to compensate for that we will subcontract in the cheapest countries, to have a POC; then we will ask the developers on the spot to take over the POC and improve it.
The technical debt? (dark idea for a commercial) A good developer, can and must take the same code from another person, after all we use a framework.

An idea came seeing the carnage of 3/4 of the projects that I could see from loan or by far: "The Refactoring First".

The delays, the money, make that now the projects are already born with a technical debt, which will have to be solved at the end...

Internet has become an e-commerce platform, but who is the product? We are told "If it's free, you're the product", even if this expression was perhaps true, it should probably be rewritten in this form "If you're on the internet, you're the product", because your data is more expensive than the trinket you buy on Amazon...

The Internet is dying, the Internet is saturated with foul-smelling rottenness which is like a biological virus.

Finally, because this article is far too long. Are you still thinking for yourself?

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