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Discussion on: Which programming language would you start with and why?

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Davyd McColl

the top two (pyhton and javascript) are, imo, the best choices:

  • both have a lot of good free tooling available, large communities, lots of code examples & free courses
  • both run on just about anything, have lots of packages & decent package managers
  • python is very well structured, good for learning as it doesn't have a lot of strange behaviors
  • javascript is available in the browser - another place one can learn and make; it has a few more gotchas because of the history of the language
  • python will set you up for a career in data science or back-end dev, or systems / user-facing apps
  • javascript can set you up for back-end or front-end dev

I'd say try an intro course to both, and pick the one that you're having the most fun with. Come back to the other in a few months because learning a new language is good for expanding your general programming abilities.

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Bobby Iliev Author

Very good points! 🚀