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re: Oh! Onivim looks awesome! It looks like it could address some of my concerns about losing modern editor functionality while still having VIM conce...

I found myself trying to use shift + v and d to cut a line in VScode the other day which really surprised me when I realized why it wasnt working 😂

There you go!

Yes, I find tmux mandatory to properly work with vim. I have this silly function in fish shell for a basic tmux setup:

function dev-tmux
  tmux new-session -d
  tmux split-window -h -p 40
  tmux select-pane -t 1
  tmux split-window -v -p 50
  tmux -2 attach-session -d

I think that can be configured in a file, but was too lazy back in the day to do a proper config and went with this workaround 🤣

I forgot to mention, vscode has, so you can still keep practicing ;)

Ah! Thanks for the Tmux script!
I've been thinking of writing something like this because I always have the exact same setup! I'll probably tweak this a little and use it myself!

Also, I'm checking out the VIM extension now! Had no idea this existed either ha!

Thanks for all the tools & help! really appreciate it!

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