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Florin Pop on March 26, 2019

New projects were added Sports Bracket Generator Roman to Decimal Converter Survey App Battleship Game Engine Chat App Card Memory Ga... [Read Full]
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Hey man I love this idea but I have only one problem with it, it seems pretty specific to front end development.
i would love to see some backend oriented or algorithm related projects there, currently I'm learning c++ and I truly can't find a project to do with it


Hey! I’m happy that you like it! Indeed it is a little bit FE oriented, but we are planning to expand and add more and more projects.

We shared it so people could also contribute. Feel free to create PRs or add “New idea” issues and we’ll go over it!


Do you want to share some ideas with me about this domain: ? Thanks :D


Sorry for not explaining well 😅
You share some app ideas, and I have a domain, which I am looking a good idea only for coding fun to put into it.

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