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Discussion on: What is your Linux distribution of choice and why?

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Florian Köhler • Edited on

For my personal workstation I prefer Manjaro (or Ubuntu).
I really like Arch, but at work it just has... to work. Building Arch Linux hast too much overhead (Even though it's really fun!).

On servers, I find Debian the only viable option.
It is stable, secure and simple. Yes, you do have to do some things manually (To be honest, with automation this is not really a concern. Whoever configures servers by hand these days... do yourself a favor and just use Puppet, Ansible or whatever automation tool works best for you). Because of this it is more flexible and lightweight than Ubuntu, but still not as cumbersome as CentOS or RHEL.
I feel like CentOS/RHEL just makes life harder. Like they want simple things to be hard.

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Bobby Iliev Author

Really well said! Fully agree with all this!

I've been wanting to try out Manjaro for a while now so might give it a try this weekend!

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Michael Crump

They now have a guided installer which makes installing Arch easy -