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Discussion on: Breaking up with JavaScript

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flavio ⚡️🔥

Sounds like you need a refreshing change of perspective.

I was burned out of JavaScript as well, 1 year ago.

Then I spent one month working full time day and night with Go, which I think is exactly the opposite of JavaScript. They encourage you to not use libraries (there is no official dependencies/package management solution) and write your own code instead, maybe reinventing the wheel every time.

It's also a much lower level language (like Swift), and more strict in many ways, and in the end I think it makes you appreciate the freedom that JavaScript gives you and the huge ecosystem that's been built around it.

Buggy and unmaintained libraries exist everywhere. In JavaScript this might happen a lot more simply because there are a lot more libraries, but that's an opinionated view on the topic.

Definitely look into other languages, as anything different you learn helps you grow.

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Angel D. Munoz • Edited

I like this answer a lot, it relates to me because I do javascript on a daily basis even for outside projects, I get burned of it often. Then I start to play with other languages and yeah, everything seems cool and shiny until you realize there are a ton of flask libraries that are buggy and un-maintained, that there is a ton of boilerplate code for .net projects etc. And you end up realizing it's not Language X's problem but dev tools in general.
In the end I just end up going back to js and keep doing what I like

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