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Discussion on: I'm a Swift Native Speaker, Ask Me Anything!

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flavio ⚡️🔥

What's the best way to learn Swift in 2018?

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Nuno Vieira Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Hello Flavio!

There is a lot of good resources to learn Swift out there. I would start with the basics, getting familiar with the syntax first. To learn only the basics there is a lot of tutorials, videos, blog posts etc.. If that is your prefered way to learn. But probably the best way to learn the basics is actually following the official Swift Tour in here. After finishing the Tour, you can progress to the basics, and keep going until you feel more confortable with the language and even learn more advanced concepts. The Guides are really well explained. There are some new concepts in the Swift Language, that some people might not be familiar with. I would recommend to focus on learning well the Optionals, Optional Chaining, How to use if-let, and guard statements, so your code is safe and clean (in swift is also easy to write safe code but ugly code if you don't know how to use if-let and guards). It is critical that this concepts are clear when programming in swift :)

These are some of the blogs and channels that I really recommend if you are interested in Swift and also iOS:

Best iOS Youtube Channels (They are really amazing):

With this resources, you have everything you need to learn Swift and iOS :)