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Discussion on: How long do you spend learning to code?

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flavio ⚡️🔥

I feel like I'm moving a lot slower then most other self learners

It's not a race. You learn to the point where you can start building things, and then things skyrocket from there, because you always need to learn new things to finish the project. This is how I've done in the last 20 years.

One thing that's very useful is to try waking up 2 hours earlier and use those hours to boost your day. Then as others suggested, listening to podcasts while you do other things is a very good way to be into the topics you want to absorb even if you cannot sit at the computer. I listen to podcasts regularly while walking the dog, for example.

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Reynaldo Veras Author

A few people actually recommend that Idea and I think its great. Do you have any podcasters that you would recommend for web development?